Winedora is a project born from the passion of a small group of Fisar entrepreneurs and sommeliers to enhance and promote the work of Italian winemakers.


Each winery has been chosen for its marked personality. Each with its own character and rhythm, these producers are the custodians of a territory whose fruits they want to share with the world.


An history that lasts 50 years when Rosa and Nino Bello opened a new small restaurant at the bottom of the city's hill where the visitor may feel at home.


Angolo16 is the restaurant focused on Ligurian Fish cuisine in the heart of the city.


Caffè Salotti Sabaudi are a typical expression of Turin style, a way of being, of living, with a sense of innate sobriety, almost subdued, without excesses: however elegant each furnishing or however gentle the gestures of those who serve at the counter or at the tables, there is never redundancy nor opulence on the walls and in the counters, but refined harmony of lines and colors.

Actually, Turin gastronomic history has been made in Salotti Sabaudi: Bicerin, Vermouth, Pinguino, Tramezzino were born in these places of culture and have characterized the city for about 200 years.


​The richest oyster selection nearby the city centre.


The Egg is a thinking: it can be possible for haute cuisine to be inspired by simplicity, as its “incubator”. And this melting of simple and perfect is symbolized by an egg, by its concept , its shape and taste.
This idea "rolls " from place to place in the World - from Turin, to Venice, Ukraine and more others - , it hatches, each time giving life to something different, but true to itself: "Simple as an Egg".

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