La Cultura dell'Evento was born in 2017 from the multi-year experience of Elisa Avataneo in the work of conception, communication and management of exhibits and art fairs, wine and food events, festivals and cultural projects at a large-scale, always collaborating with important realities of our territory (and not only).


I like thinking to be a person of many talents because I work with dynamism and motivating force, driven by the passion for all that is culture*.


Passion, knowledge and determination, but also the ability to let flow together previous experiences and maturated contacts in a productive system, are the ingredients of this entrepreneurial activity.


Since 2017 Elisa Avataneo is the head of marketing and communication at Flashback Art Fair while, together with a dense network of freelances, she is in charge of the development of the image and the communication of glamorous brands operating in food, wine and lifestyle contexts, find out more.


* /ˈkʌltʃər/ 

1 Artistic and intellectual activities and products

2 Enlightenment or refinement coming from a knowledge of what is excellent in the arts

3 The sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and handed down from one generation to another.